A little about me.

I am a responsible and flexible young man. I love to work within a team and also independently. I am hard working, have a good eye on details and I can be really attendant. I'm also innovative, I like to find new ways to bring ideas into my work and do everything to the highest standards. I always seek for new experiences and can communicate with different people and deal with complications.

I have a massive interest in Computers 'Coding, Hardware and Software' and the Graphical side of gaming. However its not all about technology, I am a very active man who enjoys going to the gym and socialising with my friends and family. I like to treat everyone how I would like to be treated. I would say that I'm a down to earth guy and can have a real laugh at the right time, however when it comes to work getting done, I leave the laughs for later.


Ben Daniels.


United Kingdom.


On request.

My skills have enabled me to achieve great results!


In what I'm good at.

IT Related

Website Dev


With all the work I have developed and learned over the past years, I believe I have achieved mass goals in development, Visit WebProud for my career in the works.

Project Management


My IT Course has gave me a Great insight into being a project manager, my distinction work shows me I can get the work done and also manage my time effeciently.

Basic IT Related skills


My skills is Microsoft office 2010 and 2016 has advanced over the years, even though the technology increasing rapidly my inspiration to keep learning new things surprises me every time.

In General



In school and in general life, I have picked up basic language skills in German, Spanish and Lithuanian. I wish to improve on these skills in a later time.



In college I have learned a mass amount of information in Networking, I have extensive knowledge in WAN and LAN networks see more in Education.

Communicating with customers


Communication has played a big part in my life with the job roles I have had. Facing customers everyday making sure they are satisfied with their needs, find out more about my Job life at Employment.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!


My academic.

My overall view on Education

Education is the greatest part of life, as a child, as a student and as a parent. Having such a good educating scheme here in England has gave me a great advantage for the future to come. I have many ways of learning, independent learning is one of my strong holds, if I'm really into a project as well as being inspired to do it, I will put my all into until its done at a high standard. The same goes with working in a group, i will work and learn together to make sure, not only that i have done the work and learned it all, my fellow learners in my group/class are learning as well.

The Royal Liberty School For Boys -Concentration 2008 - 2013
Year 7 - Year11

During Senior School, I was a Science Ambassador representing the school with road shows, showing experiments to junior school students, this boosted my group and communication skills massively as it was a key feature. After this computers really took my interest, creating 2D games and Basic websites in Adobe dream weaver. You can see my GCSE grades below.

  • GCSE *A-C - 5
  • CIDA - Cert in Digital Applications Level 2 (ICT) - Pass X2
  • BTEC First Certificate in Media Production - Distinction
  • NCFE - NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality & Diversity - B
  • NCFE - NCFE Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health - B
Havering Sixth Form College- Concentration 2013 - 2015
Lower year

After finishing college studying 'Extended Diploma in IT Level 3' which is a 2 year course and is equivalent to three A levels. I was predicted 2 Distinctions and a Merit overall, within the 18 units to complete over the 2 years which means 9 units an year. I came away with,

  • Extended Diploma In IT Level 3 - Distinction*, Distinction x2
QA Apprenticeship- Concentration - 13/07/2015 - 17/07/2016
Microsoft - IT Systems & Networking

I chose to do an apprenticeship with QA because judging on my research through their website, they are the leading apprenticeship company in the UK. They have Ofsted Outstanding 3 years running with a 94% of QA apprentices go on to a full time job with qualifications that are noticed world wide, which for myself is a great advantage as I wish to travel when I'm older. Now completing this course, i have certificates in

  • MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
  • MTA: Security Fundamentals
  • MTA: Networking Fundamentals
  • I can know a lot, but my experience shows the best of me!


    Work experience.
    Natwest Bank- 07/2012 - 08/2012 - Work Experience Placement

    When working at NatWest bank I was helping bankers with their money and the bills they had to pay. I had to communicate with customers in all different moods, trying to calm them down and make sure they are satisfied with the level of service that I gave them . I gave them advice that was suited their needs and pointed them in the right direction.

    • Customer Service
    • Reception Duties
    • Assisting customers with their needs
    • Managing my own work
    Tesco Extra- 22/3/14 - 10/07/2015

    I am currently working a part time job at Tesco Extra Romford, Bryant Ave. This job has gave me so much experience working with customers and with the Tesco community especially when team work is one of the key feature in Tesco. My duty is Check out assistant, therefore I'm dealing with customers face to face all the time, so appearance and personality is everything for me to provide to the customer.

    SafeTech - Web Development- 30/06/2014 - 11/07/2014 - Work Experience Placement

    When working at this placement in Rayleigh, I learned so much more about HTMl & CSS, the only reason I have my Cv on a website like this because they inspired me and told me so much more than I already knew. This has gave me an insight of what I will be learning in College next year and now I cant wait to get started.

    Origin - IT Technician- 13/07/2015 - Present
    Duties carried out
  • 1st Line support
  • Thin Client Management
  • Blackberry/Android Management
  • Exchange Server, Managing mailboxes
  • Microsoft Server 2008 R2 / 2012 R2
  • Property Security (PAC Door ID System)
  • Service Desk Ticket Management
  • Avaya Administration
  • Many hours of work, thousands of lines of code, a result: My works!

    Hobbies | Interest

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    Every day if I have time I will go gym, this is a major hobby in my life, as I would like to stay healthy and fit. whenever I have time to go, I would go for at least 2 hours a day.

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    Web Development

    Over the past 2 years, my interest in web development and HTML | CSS has increased immensely, I'm getting involved so much more in coding now, that I am seriously considering this for a future job. However, I'm not quite there yet as there is so much to learn.

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    Game industry

    I have always been interested in the gaming industry and the graphical side of things. I've always wanted to get into game development or game testing, My knowledge on the technical side is extensive, knowing what is actually inside the computer or gaming console is as just important as playing or browsing on it.

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    Since year 9 I have always been into computers. I would take them apart and then put them back together just for fun. Before college started, my knowledge on the components inside the computer wasn't great, however when starting my course, I was told all the different components and what they do, also how and why you would up grade them. Now I upgrade my own computers

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    Stocks and Shares

    At the moment I haven't had time to look into buying shares and stocks, but in the near future 'this year' I will be defiantly looking into buying stocks and shares off different companies, and then seeing what I can do with them shares.

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    Ever since I was a little boy I have been interest in travelling the world, meeting new people and seeing new places bring so much joy to a persons life, that is what I want to experience. The first place that I would like to go is the Nevada desert USA, then I would go from there.

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